updated: February 2007

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Biopesticide Formulation at Silwood Park

Formulation development is carried out in the IPARC and CABI laboratories in Ascot.  Following the sucessful development of 'Green Muscle', staff specialise in fungal conidia (spores), but also have experience with propagules of other microbial control agents (MCAs) including entomopathogenic nematodes and biological fungicides.

Particle sizing using a Malvern Analyser

Formulation of various biopesticides, with leading capabilities in oil-based: SU, OF and emulsifiable suspensions.

SEM of Metarhizium anisopliae conidia in an oil formulation
Determining the surface properties of propagules: with either hydrophobic or hydrophilic cell walls.
Carrying out full QC including accelerated storage, stability and fungal viability tests.
Particle size analysis for completed biopesticide formulations.  Relating size or shape to suspension characteristics.
Extensive knowledge of spore/substrate separation: developing Mycoharvesters to make high quality/pure spore powder - and thus more stable formulations.

Development issues have included:

Formulation research is linked to application work, which is carried out in the IPARC laboratory, with its extensive data-base on application equipment of all types - so the most suitable formulation can be developed for particular pest control problems.

background photo courtesy of Roberto Alves PhD